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Tue, 16 May 2017

Computer Packages

Here at Camden Computers we have towers and laptops for sale at very reasonable prices but if you are looking for something with a little more than the average PC then talk to one of our technicians and get a quote for a tailored computers to suit your needs.  From simple computing to extreme gaming machines are available upon request and are built onsite by our qualified Technicians.

Custom Built Machines

Camden Computers will build a machine that is tailored for your use on today's superhighway called the internet.  All machines are built from high quality parts, assembled onsite and tested before delivery is made, ensuring you receive exactly what you wanted with that little bit of "over and above" the quality you would expect when you spend your very hard to come by money.  We can also dispose of your old machines if you are upgrading, saving you the trouble.


Quotes for new machines can be made over the telephone but will only ever be a rough estimate until the exact usage of the PC is conveyed to the expert staff.  We are there to help and also offer quick fixes on the premises at minimal prices, things such as; forgotten password for accounts and alike.



We are located at Shop 18b 186/180 Argyle St, Camden NSW 2570 as show in the map below

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